Expert advice from the Craft Fellowships scheme

The Craft Fellowships scheme took place from April to December 2018 supported by Craftspace with Midland’s Arts Centre (MAC). Over nine months, five graduates from Midlands craft courses undertook a programme of professional development and skills-building to prepare for their own practice. Each fellow was also commissioned to create new work which will resulted in an exhibition at MAC in November 2018. Find out more about the scheme here.

The Craft Fellows are Stuart Crabbe, Danielle Laurent, Laura Marriott, Amy McCranor and Amarah Simms. Danielle and Laura were part of In:Site festival in 2017 and 2016 respectively, see what they produced during their In:Site day by clicking their names.

The fellows created blog posts sharing their experiences and expert advice from arts professionals on starting a career as a professional craftsperson.

These blog posts will be useful for any previous and prospective In:Site makers who want guidance on what next steps to take in their career from professionals who share a wealth of expertise in business and craft. The content ranges from fundraising and project planning skills to building relationships with galleries and experimenting with different materials.

Click on the links to read the fellow’s blog posts and get some top tips from the experts at each session:

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