In:Site 2018 – Day 1

It was a busy first day of In:Site! Today Chloe invited people to get playful with materials and Libbertine wanted to know the passing public’s thoughts. They were joined by Jaguar Land Rover’s clay modellers who were with us at In:Site Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. As it was one of the last days of the school summer holidays we had lots of enthusiastic children and their families take part in the activities.

Chloe Knights

Chloe graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 3D Design. She is interested in exploring the tactile, sensory qualities of materials and how they can be used for social engagement. Chloe’s practice is centered around three main themes; the creation, progression and manipulation of material, understanding through making and the collection of materials and found objects.

At In:Site she created a material ‘station’ and invited the public to make and create in an open-ended way. The main idea was to play with materials and have fun, connect with others and take some time out from everyday life.

Chloe wants to explore how material play can benefit our wellbeing, and how these activities are possible using everyday materials.

Find out more about Chloe’s work on her website:

Libbertine Vale

Libbertine is a recent BA graduate in Contemporary Design Crafts from Hereford College of Arts. Libbertine uses free-motion stitch to create emotive textile art works.

“I sew tales and emotions drawing together the threads of people’s lives and transforming them onto warm soft cloth, with hard and brutal lines of breakable threads, embedded with experiences and honesty.”

At In:Site Libbertine asked people to share their thoughts, as random or profound, and stitched their responses onto a large thought bubble for other passersby to see. Libbertine also taught a few enthusiastic members of the public the process free-motion sewing with lots of children excited about using a sewing machine.

Find out more about Libbertine’s work on her website.

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover’s clay modellers are back at In:Site for another year! (To read about what they were up to at In:Site last year, read the blog post here).

This year Jaguar Land Rover’s clay modellers were at In:Site festival Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They invited the public to have a go at sculpting with their industrial clay.

To find out more about Jaguar Land Rover’s week at In:Site festival, read the blog post here.

finished sculptures in many different shapes and designs are standing in one line on the table.
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