In:Site Inspires: Rag rugging

As everyone is spending more time at home at the moment in this series of In:Site Inspires blog posts we’re looking back at previous festivals and artists to see how they could inspire some at-home making activities and creative ideas. There is guidance on where to find or make your own materials as well as tips to get you started!

Annie brought her impressive rag rugging skills to In:Site 2019. Rag rugging is a process where small pieces of fabric are pulled through a backing sheet to create a rug!

At In:Site Annie used different types and thicknesses of fabric to create a multi-textured art work that was inspired by lichen and moss. There are a range of techniques and tools, such as a rag rug spring tool and latch hook, that you can use with all kinds of fabrics.

The Ragged Life blog has lots of useful tips and tricks about rag rugging.

Rag rugging is also a good way to use up any old scraps of fabric or even old clothes. There’s a great tutorial on Love Your Clothes showing how to get creative with your pre-loved clothes.

If you can’t get access to a specific rag rugging tool, there are other types of process you could explore including making a braided rug (although you may need a sewing machine). Here’s a video that you might find inspiring.

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