In:Site 2013 – Day 3

Day 3 of In:Site 2013 was grey and wet but lots of great work was produced by graduates Stefanie Cheong and Alice Clarke.

Presenting a thought-provoking take on the value placed on jewellery, Glasgow School of Art graduate Stefanie Cheong invited passers-by to make brooches using unconventional materials.

Equipping participants with a pin and a table full of pre-owned embellishments – including everything from miniature toy-like models to an assortment of sticks, wires, stones and buttons – the contemporary jewellery maker encouraged those taking part to be inspired by the objects that they like and not what they perceive to be ‘normal’.

Despite the wet weather, the O-PiN project gained a lot of interest from a diverse range of people, and Stefanie’s pre-prepared contact cards with brooch pin attached gave those eager to get involved the option of completing an additional task in their own time.

With the majority of participants keen to take their creations home, Stefanie photographed each pin, allowing the completed work to feature as a part of the larger collection on, where you will find images of contemporary handmade pins from around the world.

Alice Clarke, a graduate from the Birmingham School of Jewellery, made mini plaster of Paris tea sculptures which were hung in the trees in Cathedral Square. She explores the importance of tea and how it brings people together. She wants to provoke the city audience to really question how important the act of drinking tea is to them. She wants them to think about what they talk about over tea, what problems are solved and what gossip is spilled whilst drinking tea.

Lisa Falaschi
[email protected]