Selected artists

We’re excited to announce the selected artists for this year’s In:Site 2017 festival!

This year, artists will be spinning wool, chasing metal, embroidering, sculpting and much more. We’re pleased to feature graduates from Universities across the UK who are working with a variety of different making processes. The majority of makers will have participatory activities for anyone to join in alongside creating their own ambitious pieces to be installed in Birmingham Cathedral Square.

3 vessels made form varying materials sit amongst the earth.

Cat Arnason

University of Brighton
3D Design and Craft

A large sculpture of various threads and material hangs from the ceiling.

Catherine Coombs

Northbrook Metropolitan College
BA (hons) Textile Design

Instagram: @catherinecoombstextiles

The triangle shows the trees upside down.

Chloe Greeves

University of Brighton
3D Design and Craft


A hanging installation of colourful threads and yarns with metal washers, keyring and jumprings attached.

Grace Hugh-Jones

Manchester Metropolitan University
Textiles – Knit
Instagram: @gracehj.knit

A pot made from various pieces of plastic holds a plant.

Lok Ka Kong

Royal College of Art
Textile MA (Mixed Media)

red flocking and white enamel swirl pattern

Danielle Laurent

Birmingham City University School of Jewellery
BA(Hons) Jewellery Design and Related Products

Gemma O’Neal

Loughborough University
3D Design New Practice

Instagram: @gemmaoneal

Stitched diagrams of various rooms on to fabric.

Eleanor Price

Goldsmiths University London
BA Design

Instagram: @Eleanorjoprice

wire work

Ellie Taylor

University for the Creative Arts, Rochester
Jewellery / Wirework

concrete vessels

Courtenay Waring-Thomas

University of Brighton
3D Design and Craft

Jewellery incorporating metal, yellow rope and blue enamel.

Lois Wiseman

School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University
BA(Hons) Jewellery Design and Related Products

Instagram: @loisjanejewellery

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