Thoughts from last year’s artists

A selection of the artists who took part in In:Site 2017 share their experiences at In:Site, what they’re up to now and their tips for this year’s artists!

Eleanor Price, In:Site 2017 artist

Eleanor’s In:Site experience…

In:Site was great, it taught me a lot, I made a stitched map of  Cathedral Square and asked people to applique on landmarks. It was a great chance to work with the public whether they got involved or just stopped by to have a look. A lot of people got involved and everyone brought different stories and imagery about the Square to the map to help make it as lively as the Square in real life. This was at the time that the Bear Hunt was going on in Birmingham and they were a firm favourite to sew onto the Square.

What happened next…

Since graduating I have been working on a project about hand embroidering IKEA instruction manuals to explore the difference between craft and mass production, making something so disposable using a very time consuming skill. I’m also trying to teach myself how to screen-print so that I can further expand my textiles knowledge.

Eleanor’s In:Site tip!

A tip for the festival would be to make something that people can engage with, people love trying things out and learning something new. Overall everyone likes to make things and having fun!

Lok Ka (Kristen) Kong, In:Site 2017 artist

Kristen’s In:Site experience…

For In:Site festival Kristen re-used contact lenses cases to create a textile piece. The cases served as tiny time capsules, capturing her time at the Cathedral Square by collecting the feelings and words of the people she met.

“In:Site Festival is a great opportunity for graduate artists to get involved with the public and understand how your audiences react to your work.”

What happened next…

Since In:Site Festival, I have continued my concept on up-cycling and created a series of lights with the manufacture waste that I have collected.

Kristen’s In:Site tip!…

A small tip for all of you, Skills Share. Your audiences might not have worked with art before, but it is a great platform for you to share your artistic skills and inspire the others.

Danielle Laurent, In:Site 2017 artist

Danielle’s In:Site experience…

For In:Site festival Danielle was inspired by the interlinking circular motif of the Cathedral’s stained glass windows. She invited passersby to decorate a hanging installation with a representation of current times.

” It was fantastic to be part of In:Site as a recent graduate.  Since it is a paid opportunity, it gave me real world experience in researching a brief, designing an interactive project and submitting a proposal.  The Craftspace team were wonderfully supportive in helping me to realise my project aspirations.”

What happened next…

Since my involvement with In:Site, I have registered as a sole trader and begun to seriously set up my jewellery business.  I have exhibited and sold my work at Lustre and recently begun an 8 month Artist Fellowship with the Midlands Arts Centre.

Danielle’s In:Site tip!…

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries in terms of materials, processes and meaning.  The public are really willing to take a leap of faith with you.

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